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We understand the anxiety involved following a DUI.  Our mission is to alleviate your anxiety by providing you with a thorough understanding into the use of our Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID). A complete understanding of how your BAIID works can save you time and money, while avoiding the serious consequence of having your license re-revoked.


The cost of a device is set by each individual company.  We understand that each individual’s financial circumstances are different and we offer several affordable pricing plans to meets those needs.  Nationwide Interlock has no hidden fees and is determined to keep your cost the lowest in the State of Michigan.


Nationwide Interlock understands you have a choice in providers. Click the link to see first hand consumer experiences. It is evident based on these forums that the Draeger XT is the industry leader in efficiency, cost effectiveness, and reliability. Please be advised that quotes set forth in the various forums listed on this website do not in any way reflect the opinion of either Nationwide Interlock LLC or National Mortorist Association.

Ignition Interlock

What is ignition interlock?


An Ignition Interlock Device measures a driver’s breath alcohol content (BAC) and is installed in automobiles to prevent drunk driving.  The breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) requires the driver to pass a breath test prior to starting their automobile.  Drivers are required to take random tests, commonly referred to as a rolling re test, while operating their automobile.  These tests are required by the State of Michigan or your specific court.

Our BAIID Program

Each Ignition Interlock Device is installed by a certified technician. The installation takes approximately one hour and includes training on operating your device.  We then provide you with an installation certificate required by the State of Michigan or your court.  The client is then required to have their device downloaded or calibrated within 30 or 60 days, depending on who is requesting this information.  This process takes approximately 10 minutes.  Finally, the client, upon completion of their program, will have the device removed.  This process takes approximately 20 minutes.

Nationwide Interlock

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Nationwide Interlock is a Michigan based company with several conveniently placed locations throughout the State of Michigan. We offer same day as well as weekend appointments. Nationwide Interlock also offers free mobile installations and removals at no extra cost. We have a 24 hour help line to assist the client with scheduling, payment, installation, removals or technical support. We have the privilege to work with Draeger, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of Ignition Interlock Devices. We offer the Draeger XT which can be easily installed in any automobile by one of our certified service technicians.

Our device offers:

1.   User friendly display

2.   Reduced warm up time

3.   Dual heaters that prevent moisture build up

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