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My name is Dr. Herbert L. Gilbert.  I am a clinical psychologist who has specialized in driver's license restoration and drunk driving cases for more than 15 years.  My professional background is in substance abuse therapy, criminal behavior and managing drunk driving cases.  I developed NextStepDUI, an innovative approach to managing the issues that arise following a drunk driving arrest.


The decision to become an Interlock provider is based on my experience working with drunk drivers.  I have found that the best approach to prevent drunk driving in today’s environment is to combine therapy, education, support and technology.  Second, the treatment of these clients by other Interlock providers was a motivating factor in my decision to become a provider.  I learned from my clients that once the sale was complete, broken promises, lack of support and hidden fees were common.


“Our perspective on someone who is granted an Interlock Device is one of accomplishment, deserving of congratulations! My office staff understands my passion and supports my philosophy of treating all clients with respect. It is our mission to make your experience with Nationwide Interlock affordable, convenient and, above all, an acknowledgment of

your accomplishment.

Herb Gilbert, Owner of Nationwide Interlock

It may seem unusual when an employee at an interlock company
congratulates you when you call for an installation.

Meet Dr. Herbert L. Gilbert 

This response is based on the founder’s background and experience.

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